When to Consider Wisdom Tooth Removal

Posted on: March 8, 2023

Wisdom Tooth Removal Houston, TX

Almost everyone experiences their wisdom teeth coming in, but not everyone needs wisdom tooth removal. Many people only opt to have them extracted if certain problems arise in relation to them. Patients should consider extraction in a few scenarios that may make the procedure worth it. Those who are struggling to know whether or not to have their wisdom teeth taken out may find this information to be helpful.

When dentists may recommend wisdom tooth removal

Someone who is expecting their wisdom teeth to erupt, generally from between the ages of 17 to 25, can find it useful to know why this last set of molars may need to be removed.


When wisdom teeth come in, they can frequently cause pain. The pain can be a result of overcrowding or the fact that the teeth are simply erupting. When a patient experiences pain from their wisdom teeth, they should consider having them removed. Removal may induce some pain for a few days afterward, but ultimately, it will reduce long-term discomfort within the mouth. Instead of undergoing multiple pain management methods, it can be preferable to just have the wisdom teeth removed to avoid long-term damage that may be irreversible. 


When the teeth begin to crowd due to wisdom teeth, it may be good to consider removal. Overcrowding in the mouth can cause problems with the original teeth as well as the gums and jawbone. If there is not enough room in the mouth to support the additional wisdom teeth, the other teeth may become pushed out of place, which could cause them to become crooked or out of place.

Orthodontic treatment

There are scenarios in which a patient is undergoing orthodontic treatment when their wisdom teeth start to come in. While this may not sound like a big deal, it can actually cause a lot of problems. The wisdom teeth may get in the way of the treatment by moving the original teeth out of place.

It may be safer to have a wisdom tooth removal procedure prior to orthodontic treatment. Most teeth can afford to wait on orthodontic treatment, while the wisdom teeth may not be able to due to the pain and discomfort that they can cause. 

Good oral and overall health

Because wisdom tooth removal can often require surgery, it is wise to consider the procedure when the patient is in good health. The entire mouth can be at greater risk of infection during the procedure, which means any present bacteria or infections may cause complications during or after the procedure. Talk with a dentist about any pre-existing conditions that may get in the way of the procedure. 

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