How Preventive Dentistry Can Keep Cavities from Forming

Cavity prevention is one of the main focuses of preventive dentistry.

Four Benefits of a Dental Cleaning

This often leaves the patient with a bright and beautiful smile they are proud to show off each day.

How Long Will a Dental Crown Last?

Patients should care for the crown, like regular teeth.

When Same Day Dentures are Recommended

Traditional replacements can take several months to create, which can hinder many people who need to start eating solid foods immediately.

3 Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Let us help you find relief and preserve your oral health.

Contraindications to Dental Implant Placement

Read more about the contraindications for a dental implant procedure that may mean a patient should explore other tooth replacement options. #dentalimplant

3 Procedures From a Cosmetic Dentist

Therefore, finding someone with additional education and experience regarding cosmetic treatments is important.

Three Tips an Emergency Dentist Recommends to Remedy Toothaches

The most common causes of toothaches include the exposure of a tooth root and a tooth infection.

When to Consider Wisdom Tooth Removal

Find out when to consider wisdom tooth removal due to pain, overcrowding of the mouth, alignment correction or general oral health. #Wisdomtoothremoval

When a Dental Bridge May Be Recommended

There are various reasons why a dental bridge might be recommended. A dentist might advise you to get one if you have multiple missing teeth next to each other (typically no more than three) and your budget is not enough […] Continue Reading