We Are Number One for Dental Veneers in Houston

Posted on: June 4, 2016

Dental VeneersWe place dental veneers in Houston, providing patients with the ability to improve the appearance of their smile in relative short order. Compared with other solutions like braces, veneers can transform the way that teeth and an overall smile appear in a matter of months rather than a year or longer. For this reason, patients from all over the area are requesting veneers.

Here is why we are number one for dental veneers in Houston –

#1 We are a laser dentistry office.

One of the reasons we stand out is that we are a laser dentistry office. That means that we are using the latest in dental technology to improve our patients’ overall experience. Lasers are incredibly thin and that allows us to target specific areas of the mouth without causing irritation to the surrounding tissue. We make it more comfortable to have dental work completed and can also reduce recovery times.

#2 Our approach is consultative.

At Smile Designers, we take the time to get to know each of our patients. We want to understand what your concerns are and what is prompting you to want to make a change. By understanding your goals, objectives, lifestyle and budgetary concerns, we can suggest solutions that meet all of your unique criteria. For example, you may only need six dental veneers in Houston to achieve your goals. These are things we will discuss at length when you come in for a consultation.

#3 We do everything with the big picture in mind.

Your smile and oral health is our priority. We can improve both simultaneously and factor your health into every decision we make to improve your smile and vise versa. We understand how your mouth functions holistically so what is done to one tooth is not completed in a vacuum, rather it is part of a whole. When you visit us for dental veneers we will look to see how your new veneers will impact your bite and surrounding teeth to ensure that everything functions exactly as it should.

#4 Our attention to detail is impeccable.

We are number one for dental veneers in Houston because we pay attention to every detail. Veneers are incredibly thin shells made of porcelain. The slightest of adjustments can make a big difference in how your smile appears. It is critical that every detail is taken into consideration so that your smile looks as beautiful as it possibly can.

#5 We provide excellent service in a comfortable atmosphere.

Receiving dental care should be convenient and with us it is. We take the time to get to know each of our patients and our service is impeccable. We want you to feel welcome and at home here. We also provide sedation to ensure that you can remain relaxed, calm, and comfortable.

If you are interested in dental veneers in Houston we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our dental office. At Smile Designers, we will provide you with incredible customer service, dependable solutions, and beautiful results.

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