General Dentist Tips for a Toothache

Posted on: July 10, 2020

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Toothaches often cause discomfort, as well as difficulty with eating and speaking, however, with the help of a general dentist, the toothache can be remedied. General dentists offer routine dental care to patients of all ages, which makes them experts at dealing with things, such as toothaches. 

About general dentists

Choosing to see a general dentist is not only important when in need of dental services, but they are also considered to be one’s primary care dental provider. This means that everyone needs to make regular checkup appointments with a general dentist in order to ensure that oral health is in good shape. Regular checkup appointments allow for routine exams and cleanings to be done. 

When toothaches happen

According to Healthline, a toothache is a pain that someone feels in or around a tooth. When individuals experience toothache pain, it means that there is something wrong with either the tooth or the gums. Since a toothache should never be ignored, understanding some beneficial tips from a general dentist helps patients know what to do if they ever happen to experience a toothache.

Apply a cold compress to the affected area

Applying a cold compress helps to reduce any inflammation, which in turn helps to reduce the amount of pain one feels when experiencing a toothache. Cold compresses help to minimize the blood vessels in the area, which then interrupts the signal to the brain telling the brain that something is wrong. The compress can be held on the area for about 20 minutes at a time and can be used every few hours to address toothache pain.

Rinse the mouth with warm salt water

Rinsing the mouth using warm salt water is a natural way for someone to minimize toothache pain. Salt water is a natural anti-bacterial agent, which means that it helps protect teeth from infections. Additionally, it helps reduce any inflammation present in the mouth. Salt water should be swished around in the mouth for at least 30 seconds in order for a patient to experience its beneficial effects. Salt water is simply a mixture of salt and water, making this an easy treatment option recommended by general dentists. 

Use peppermint oil or clove oil

Both peppermint oil and clove oil have anti-bacterial properties, as well as numbing properties, which is why a general dentist recommends the use of it. This means that these two essential oils can be used to treat a toothache by improving the overall health of one’s mouth and minimizing any associated pain. The oils can be applied directly to the painful area using a cotton swab or a cotton ball. Additionally, peppermint tea can also be made and used as a mouth rinse.

Suffering from toothache pain?

When suffering from any level of toothache pain, it is necessary to consult with a general dentist. General dentists can carefully evaluate the pain and determine what course of action is necessary. To learn more about toothaches and what a general dentist recommends, reach out today. 

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